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To Making Life Worth Living

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

So here it is, my online diary / blog / magazine. Yay! Stop the endless scroll on Insta. Yes, it is seriously time to change the way I spend my precious life. Let's collect things here that inspire me in a more meaningful way. On -DayDreamTripper- I will reflect on life, the party of being a woman, my music, film, traveling, work, nature, health and the rapidly changing crazy world we live in.

"I’m in love with everyone I’ve ever met in one way or another. I’m just a crazy, unhinged disaster of a human being." Edie Sedgwick

Yeah, self-expression and self-love will also be present. It’s part of life and in a way this blog is my personal diary. I want to be loved and give love in return. The quote above, by the beautiful Edie Sedgwick, could be mine. Just like her I fall in love with everyone I meet in one way or another. Not only human beings, also animals, art and travel destinations. By all the things I will share on this blog, I hope I can brighten up your day. I believe it all starts with becoming your own best friend. Eating healthy food, taking enough time to rest, exercise and setting boundaries are the steps I am working on right now. Nobody is perfect. I want to be honest about my failures as well. I love fashion and sliding through life in style. The style I choose reflects and affects my mood. Although I love clothes, I really want to buy less. This blog will also be the place where I tell you all about the music I am writing. Can't wait to introduce my band to you. A last - but certainly not least - an important reason for writing here is a very personal one. I tend to forget things very quickly. In my mind I am so busy. I believe this blog will help me to take a step back and look back once in a while. It will challenge me to stay focused, and collect my dearest memories. By writing about my past I will bring back to life some lost memories with help from my family and friends well. I challenge myself to write in English because I write songs in English as wel and I want to expand my knowledge of this beautiful language. I know there's still a lot of work to do ;). But hey, life would be boring if there wasn't anything left to learn.

Life’s too short and too beautiful to just consume, run and forget about it the day after.

While I am writing this, I am listening to The Beatles. They always bring me back to my teenage days. This revolutionary band still sounds contemporary if you ask me. Listening to their songs makes me feel nostalgic and energetic at the same time. That’s why I decided to name my blog DayDreamTripper. 'Day Tripper' is, next to the very different 'Imagine', one of my favorite Lennon songs. It’s written in a split second. Very simple, yet very catchy and rebellious. Day tripper was 60’s slang for someone who couldn’t fully commit to the hippy lifestyle. I like to think I am a day tripper as well in a way. I am torn between two worlds. On the one hand I live this fast passionate working life, which I absolutely love. On the other hand I live in my daydreams where I just want to be creative, dance barefoot, make music, fool around and say goodbye to responsibilities. I can’t fully commit to one of these both worlds, and I am convinced that’s a healthy lifestyle for me. It keeps my feet on solid ground. DayDreamTripper will be a salute to heroes, stories, ideas and creations that inspire me and makes life worth living.

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