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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Photo Dion Bal

Exactly two weeks ago I released my EP "Insulated". I was overwhelmed by the cards, flowers and the most heartwarming messages. I got to join Jolien's L1 Radio & Televisie show Cultuurcafé, a very nice conversation that can be listened to here: (https://l1.nl/l1-cultuurcafe-anna-nita-praat-over-haar-debu… /). With the band we were invited to record a few songs for a new TV program (more info soon). The music has been featured on the international blogs CentralSauce (https://centralsauce.com/anna-nita-cloud-nine) and Conversationsabouther (https://conversationsabouther.net/anna-nita-shares-cloud-ni… -debut-ep-insulated-music-news /). The music has been listened to 3,644 times on Spotify so far and features in 41 different Spotify playlists. Newspaper De Limburger printed an interview written by journalist Sjak Planthof, and NPO Soul & Jazz placed “Cloud Nine” in their top 50.

Looking back at this overwhelming response, I can only think of one thing, how grateful I am for all the support I have received from you!

I am always very critical of my own work, and have often wondered; "Am I good enough?" "Who is waiting for my personal lyrics?" Now I have learned; it's not about perfection. It's about daring to be yourself. And more important; don't take yourself too seriously, dare to make mistakes, and have fun.

For all creative people with a dream, I would like to share the following ... I started working out of passion and love for music. I managed to put aside my judgments (still not always successful though). But that gave me a kind of freedom, which you need in a creative process. So believe in yourself, and have fun, that is really the most important thing.

Your sweet messages and comments on my posts here on social media have definitely made me realize that releasing music is a lot of fun and that I really want to make more and share it with you. Thanks a lot for that.

Photo by Dion Bal.

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