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Talk the talk.

"Enne?" "Ja, ook enne." Normally for us, this is the conversation of the (busy and fast) day. But not now. How long, nobody knows. How are you doing? These days I am navigating between mild panic mode and a serene state of calmness. When I read and see news items, the stress hits me in the neck. What helps?

Talk the talk!

Yes more of that “enne”. The medicine against boredom and loneliness: Speak your mind! In these times it is so valuable to have real and long conversations with each other. Even sharing my thoughts with you online helps. I absolutely love the video calls with my parents, my sis and my colleagues. The online yoga class we did with girlfriends and our lovely teacher Laura;) was also lots of fun. A 'Houseparty' session with friends and a glass of wine, it all makes me happy. So more of this in the near future! What else helps? Music, movies and books! I spend my "I don't know it anymore" hours with live shows from artists on YouTube. Films and series on Picl., HBO & Netflix. And me and my bookcase are becoming friends again. I came across this quote somewhere:

"If you think artists are useless, try to spend your quarantine without music, books, poems, movies and paintings."

Amen to that!

Talking about being an artist and making music... Bram (Rutten, Rumah Recordings) is currently mastering my first EP. Aaaah, that is the last step. At the end of April I will release my music a.k.a. share it with you, can't wait !!! That thought makes me very happy, even though I am worried about the film and music industry. We are all going to come out here anyway. And when we can finally go to the movies together again, and I can play my music on stage, we will enjoy it three times more ok? This fun "Enne" necklace is made by jewelry artist Whitney Frings, an ode to one of her favorite words "enne". Another important thing, support your locals! Try to shop locally as much as possible. And support the self-employed, brave, creative people with their own company who desperately need our support. Do you need a logo, website or video? Looking for a personal handmade piece of jewelry? A colorful outfit? A professional photo? Here my personal recommendations:

Graphic design: Lauw Design - communication and multimedia design Video / editing: Danique Jaspers & Nandisa Ludidi Custom made clothing: Awakati Custom made jewelry: Whitney Frings Photography & Styling: Dion Bal

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