• Anna

Meet the band: Wouter Gulikers

Who/what is your favourite artist/band?

Artists I really like are Moby, Bonobo, Jamie xx, St Germain and Stromae. And The Wood Brothers are amazing, the albums as wel as the live act.

Why do you play drums?

In this band or in general? Let’s focus on this band. First of all I really like the group of people, all great persons and musicians. Besides that, I really like the musical style and sound Anna is after. Combining acoustic drums with live played samples. Searching for basic, but interesting, grooves and make them sound good.

What do you do when you don’t play drums?

I create music for, mainly, dance and theater performances. I like combining music with other disciplines. Besides that I make electronic music with loads of percussion and own recorded sounds under my artist name Moodji. And of course, eating and cooking. I love food.

Can you tell us something nobody knows about you?

Well that’s a tricky one. Nobody? Let’s stay with something not a lot of people know. I don’t like being touched on my knees. Strange? Yes.

What is your biggest dream?

I really like what I’m doing now, and I want to build on to that. Keep on creating music that I love to make and having an audience that likes listening to it. My goal is to create music, have fun while doing it, and always keep on improving myself.

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