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Meet our new band member Tizaan Alphonso

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

An early Christmas gift for our band! Let me introduce our new band member, pianist and singer Tizaan Alphonso!

A while ago our pianist/vocalist and dear friend Johan de Haan decided he had too less time to be fully involved in the band. We were all very sad because we really love Johan. We’ve had a great time during rehearsals, recordings and live shows this year. I am forever grateful for all the adventures and fun times we’ve shared. Thank you so much Johan!

Somehow I felt I needed to wait with our search for a new band member. It’s like searching for a new family member. Personality, music taste and musically it all has to fit. And then suddenly.. Tizaan was back in Maastricht. We met earlier this year through our mutual friend Peter Willems. We discovered each others music (check out his sick album on Spotify). Because of our mutual love for jazz and Rnb, we wanted to do a writing session together. Before we got the chance, Tizaan moved back to his home city Mumbai. Three weeks ago Tizaan called me, “I am back in Maastricht, shall we do a writing session?”. My heart jumped, because I knew he would perfectly fit in our band.

You can experience our first live show with Tizaan on the keys via Facebook. We’ve only had one rehearsal, and I can tell you, Tizaan is going to show you all what a great and talented musician he is!

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