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Let's dream, learn and create.

A blog on how to learn, think about life, stay healthy and creative while in quarantine.

"Dreaming is important in times of crisis."

Yes, we have to stay up to date on the latest corona news. But what's the point of watching the news all day and become more and more frightened and stressed? I was doing this for the last five days. But the thing is, right now we only know that we should stay indoors and have as little contact with others as possible. So why not spend my time a bit more useful and fun?

You have the potential to make beautiful things. Yes, you!

Because of this mandatory quarantine, we automatically have time to give more attention to the small and big things in life. It gives us the opportunity to think about the way we live, how we interact with nature and what we can do differently.

It all starts with attention and awareness. Listening carefully to the birds that have started spring and revaluing our beautiful nature that suddenly suffers less, pay attention to body and mind, learn to cook creatively and consciously (vegan/vegan), clean up your house and brighten it up, connect with friends and family (thanks to Skype) and…. of course, start thinking about what you want with your life! So let's stop worrying and start dreaming...

What do you want to learn in the near future? What do you want to get better at? What do you want to spend more time on? What do you want to change in life?

Long live the internet, really e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. can be found online. From building a full bathroom, whitening your teeth (just kidding! don't do that;), to taking care of your hair and watercolor painting techniques. You can go either way. I'm going to use my free time in the house to get started with writing more music, sing every day, writing blogs (like this one), collect music promotion tips & tricks, search for stage outfits/styling ideas and everything else that is involved. Here are some online magazines, blogs and YouTube channels that I like to watch. Enjoy!

Websites where I get my daily dose of inspiration.

Lifestyle, Politics & Fashion Nowness Dazed Digital Glamcult

I-D Vice The Gentle Woman Vulture

Jezebel VOX


Yara Michels

Music & Songwriting



NPR Music Tiny Desk

BBC Music

Song Exploder Onlightning Film & documentary

Little White Lies




Picl Food & Health

Yoga With Adriene

Jamie Oliver

De groene meisjes

Nina Pierson

Take care, stay safe at home and try to enjoy life a little! Love, Anna <3
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