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Catching Up With Director Maysaloun Hamoud Who Shows How Powerful And Influential Cinema Can Be

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Female director Maysaloun Hamoud (35) is a very brave young woman. She decided to make an honest film about three young females living in Tel Aviv, Israel, balancing between tradition and modernity. Bar Bahar shows Palestinian women taking drugs, having sex and fighting against male patriarchy in Palestinian society. Maysaloun wants her society to deal with the truth. In Bar Bahar she shows the world that women in Israel have the same dreams as women anywhere else. She wasn't surprised that some people would react hateful to her film. Being issued a fatwa and receiving death threats was something nobody could've expected. Luckily she was also praised by people all over the world, won awards at Toronto, San Sebastián, Haifa, and Cannes and empowered women and LGTB-communities all over the world. I've seen the film twice and had the honor to host a Q&A with this interesting new director at Lumière Cinema. I'm really recommend this film to all of you.

Here's the trailer of Bar Bahar.

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