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Busy being super busy, sounds familiar?

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

And then all of a sudden, my brain had too many tabs open. I wanted to stay in the yoga 'child pose' all day.

It is almost two months since I've been here. What I was doing? I was busy being super busy. Oops, wrong! That was exactly what I was trying to change in my life. I am filling a void? Why did I brag about being super busy too when of friend of mine said she was busy? Because to be honest, I really don't like being too busy. I do like to be productive, and I was. But I must admit that these two months felt like two weeks. Life goes way too fast and sometimes I forget to enjoy it and live in the moment.

Indonesia, 2012.

Do you also think cats are actually here to operate as secret Buddhist Zen masters?

Luckily I wasn't on Instagram all the time. I was super productive offline! I wrote some new songs, made music with my dad and our jazzcombo, recorded 4 new songs in the studio, celebrated my 30th birthday with family, trowed a super fun and wild cocktailparty with my besties, travelled to Marrakesh with the sweetest boyfriend in the world (best b-day surprise ever!), planted two trees I got from my parents in front of our home, went to see Rhye in Paradiso with friends, started with yoga and aqua-bootcamp, cleaned up the house, kept myself updated on the newest films and started with a CRM learning course for work. I also ate super healthy and relaxed more often. But?

But.. I did not take enough time to reflect. And so, I did not write anything down. More and more I am realizing that being busy is not something to be proud of. It means we don't have the courage to choose, say no and set boundaries. Isn't it weird that we brag about being busy? In the end the now is all we have, and it's hard to live in the moment when you feel busy. So how to stay relaxed while others are still busy being busy all the time?

"How to stay relaxed when you also like to be productive but then end up being too busy and forget to live in the moment?"

Here are 10 things that help me feel more relaxed:

1. Do yoga (at home and at the gym).

2. Drink water, breath deep and eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

3. Take a walk to work, the supermarket, or just walk for fun. Evening walks are gold.

4. Declutter your space and than read a novel by candlelight.

5. Put away your phone, somewhere you can't see or hear it.

6. Make time for conversations with familiy and friends, and be present.

7. Listen to podcast series and lay down. I use CastBox, now listening to 'Love Stories by Dolly Alderton', Song Exploder and the Rich Roll Podcast.

8. Read 'Nooit meer te druk' or Busy: How to Thrive in a World of Too Much by Tony Crabbe.

9. Plan me-time and time to do nothing with a big marker in your agenda.

10. Get a cat and cuddle all day.

I honestly do think these things make life more fun. Also, your concentration, creativity and sense of humor will improve which can help you during the 'productive' parts of your day. The last one is still work in progress. By the end of May I hope I can show you a picture of a small monster called 'Professor Moos' <3. Finally I will have my own Zen master at home! Do you have any special tips that will help staying relaxed?

Love, Anna

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